Fall Sale Time

Two fall sales are coming at us, and we will be there. The first is another Heronswood sale on Saturday, September 7, 10:00- 5:00. That legendary garden will be open again for viewing and we will join 10 other cool nurseries offering the choice, rare and beautiful.

The other sale for us will be the Northwest Horticultural Society fall sale at North Seattle Community College, Friday and Saturday, September 20-21. The sale starts Friday afternoon and continues until 2:00 on Saturday. Again, lots of great plants from many nurseries.

NEW!!!     NEW!!!   NEW!!!

To both sales we will be bringing some new and returning plants of special interest. From Australia we have several hardy eucalyptus, including:

E. gunnii var. divaricata / an especially hardy and pretty form of this already rugged tree. The foliage is shimmering silver on pink twigs and white branches, with new growth often silver pink.

Eucalyptus neglecta / the Omeo swamp gum does indeed thrive in wet soils, but takes drought well. Its distinctive, broadly oval leaves open bright silvery pink before settling into medium blue green. A good choice in small spaces, the tree rarely gets to 20 ft.

Acacia boormanii / the snowy wattle is a large evergreen shrub with narrow 2-3 in.’leaves’ (phyllodes) form a soft, billowy plant to 10 ft. tall. Puffy yellow flowers cover it in early spring.

From the Northwest and elsewhere:

Ribes menziesii / the Sierra currant is one of our prettiest species, growing 3-4 ft. tall. Spiny branches carry lobed 2 in. leaves and truly charming fuchsia-like flowers in purple and white. Bristly red fruits finish the show. A choice plant, rarely available.

Mimulus lewisii / the Lewis monkey flower makes patches of bright green foliage along mountain streams, decorated with bright magenta flowers in summer.

Fuchsia procumbens / a creeping charmer from New Zealand that makes a carpet of round 1/2 in. leaves. The tiny but fascinating flowers in orange, yellow and blue lead to showy pink berries.

Zanthoxylum simulans/ the Szechuan pepper tree yields a famous seasoning from its pink berries. These cluster among feathery leaves on spiny branches of a wide 10-15 ft. tree. Easy to grow, colorful and a must for Chinese cooking.

Plus penstemons, garryas, manzanitas, ceanothus, maples, grasses, sedges, many more beautiful plants from the Northwest and everywhere else. See you there!




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