Your outdoor space is precious, and so is your time. The landscape around your home should please you in many ways. You should spend a lot more time relaxing in your garden than caring for it. The spaces you create outdoors should work for you and make the outdoors easy to navigate in any weather. The landscape should make every view a picture. It should be filled with color, fragrance, and if you choose, edibles, in every month. The garden should achieve all this in an environmentally friendly way.

We have been designing gardens to these standards for many years. Our landscapes emphasize modular walls and paving for better drainage, native and drought-hardy plants to minimize watering and runoff, and such sustainable concepts as rain gardens and edible landscapes.

But a garden has to have a soul. We make sure that once its essential functions are worked out, the garden is furnished with color, texture, excitement and individuality. Flowers and color every month of the year; surprises and textural drama; paving and structural features in harmony (or playfully not) with your home. Above all, the elements and style that make the garden yours.

A Sampling of Gardens


1. These clients had a boring backyard of grass and overgrown shrubs. We turned that into an inviting place to sit and entertain. A flagstone patio centered on a water feature and enveloped in colorful, drought-hardy plantings flows from the house to a deck . A smaller lawn and tall shrubs for privacy, wrap around it.

2. Steep hills are everywhere around here. We tamed this one with a zigzag of retaining walls that created planting spaces and a route to the lower level. Low water plants have enveloped the wall; fragrant herbs such as rosemary, thyme and lavender are a feature.

3. This home had a typical front face: lawn sloping to the street, a big driveway and a short walk from driveway to porch. Out came the lawn and in went a major water feature with a reflecting pool at the top and several waterfalls cascading toward the street. Rocks and lush plantings give a wild feeling from the new paver entry terrace.


4.This Seattle home has a sunny patio in back, but it’s too hot in summer. We created a shadier sitting area in the front, screened from the street by colorful, low-water plantings. The pavers extend to the front entry, tying everything together beautifully.

5. This garden was divided awkwardly into two levels, separated by a stone wall and narrow stairs. We installed a set of walls, planters and steps that allows the two levels to flow gracefully. It’s all crowned with a gazebo for coffee and dining while enjoying a spectacular view of the skyline and Mt. Rainier.



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