Our nursery has closed, but many people have suggested keeping our catalog as a reference, so we have left it here. We hope you find it useful.

-The genus descriptions contain general information that may not be repeated in the species descriptions.

-Plant descriptions here are written for the Pacific Northwest first, because this is where we live and garden. We give as broad a picture of the plant as possible, but results may be different in other climates.

-Zone numbers reflect only the typical cold hardiness. The USDA zones were not meant to show where the plant grows best, only the coldest places it will grow. Designations such as “Zones 4-8″ mean little here on the west coast, where coastal portions of Zones 8-10 have relatively cool summers. Many plants that suffer from the heat in Zones 8-10 in the South thrive out here. Heat lovers, however, may need a hot south wall to feel at home.

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